Meet Megan and Shine

Meet Megan and Shine.  Megan has been with the barn and taking lessons from our esteemed trainer, Laura, for some time.  Megan just bought Shine who is a 14 y/o, 15.3 hh quarter horse who, coincidentally, shares the same birthday with Megan’s youngest son.  Shine was a dressage horse for years but has been trained in western pleasure the past three years.  He’s a little spunky and some would say a little spoiled too!  Megan loves to ride and hang out with Shine; being with him lets her relax and forget about any cares she may have.  While the pair are still getting used to one another, ultimately Megan wants a horse that is safe and a pleasure to ride and to get to the point where both of them live up to their potential.  Looking forward to seeing you guys grow together Megan!